1. They’re Repulsed by Debt

It’s not just a preference, it’s a passion! They hate the feeling of being in debt, so they avoid it like the plague. They pay their credit card balances EVERY MONTH, and only take out loans for BIG purchases that are well thought out.


2. They’re Willing to Sacrifice

If need be, they’re willing to give up eating out or wearing the latest fashions. They know such sacrifices are only temporary and will lead to future prosperity. Sacrificing small things every day, lead to savings in the future.


3. They’re Goal-Driven

Not only do they set a goal, they make detailed plans AND take all the necessary steps to make sure they get there.


4. They’re Patient

While impulsive impatient people go into det quickly, debt-free people are happy to wait until they can afford to buy what they want. Planning purchases or waiting 24 hours before buying things are two ways to be patient on your purchases.


5. They’re Confident

They don’t care if they’re a little out of style or people make fun of them. Debt-free people aren’t concerned what others think. Instead, they’re focused on a achieving their goals.


6. They’re Responsible

Debt-free people take responsibility for their actions, If they want something they know they have to pay for it today, not next year. Charging things on your credit card and racking up debt is irresponsible behavior a debt-free person wouldn’t engage in.


7. They’re Not Materialistic

They aren’t impressed by shiny cars, or big houses. Their goal is to build long-term financial security, which will benefit them, their family and society.